About The Kindness Revolution

We are an intentional, unique and quirky brand for 9-13 year old, boys and girls. Our base target is to incite gargantuan kindness all around our blue planet.
TKR has actively raged inside of us for a very long time. We finally dashed in and started creating it during a time where all our lives and future have never been so shaky and unsettled. The creative process helped us manage our own personal fears, struggles, disappointments and worries due to Covid-19.

We believe kindness and mindfulness are kinda important, so important, we created TKR.

We had extreme fun creating TKR and our optimism is that it all assists on your journey toward kindness and mindfulness.
Our 5 TKR resident TKR campaigners: Dreamer, Brave, Wizer, True, and Cracka have some noteworthy bits and pieces to tell you. We hope you love them and their SidePIKS (PARTNER IN KINDNESS) as much as we do.
TKR is about young people making the world better a better place. Creating a better world is an individual charge that turns into a collective revolution.
TKR is about being ridiculously kind to yourself too. Being a TKR campaigner means that you dream about a better world for all. TKR is about being brave to stand up and be truthful and making good choices.
TKR is being defiant toward unkind and being an active revolutionary for kind.
We have taken an immense leap and planted our flag bravely. We are cautiously excited, as we put our inside dreams on display for you to view.

Thank you for joining the REVOLUTION!

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