TKR 30 Day Dash Journal

A guide to a revolution of kindness and mindfulness.

The Kindness Revolution 30 Day Dash Journal is a 60 page, practical aid in guiding you to amplify kindness toward yourself, others and our planet in your daily life. You will also have a great deal of fun in the process.


  • Kindness prompts
  • Mindfulness prompts
  • A few hard-hitting truths
  • Quizzes, fun facts and more
There is a daily TKR-Dash for you to complete. A TKR-Dash is simply an action we have created and tested for you to do. The idea isn’t to hurriedly pass and tick off a day. We encourage you to look deeper, to grow, and to amplify the ideas in your life. You will discover some fun kindness intent actions, explore, do some reading, some reflection, and grow a whole lot. We wouldn’t ask you to do all of this if we didn’t think you are totally capable of smashing all 30 TKR-Dashes.

As if it couldn’t get any better! It’s also a great tool for you to bring in your parent(s)/guardian -for the rest of this journal we will refer to them as The PG’s. Chat to The PG’s about a few of your ideas, thoughts, and some ideas you might not fully understand.

What we love about the TKR 30 Day Dash Journal is that it’s actually never-ending. Once you are done, you can start all over again!

Plus there are super duper gains when journaling:

    • When children journal, they slow down and can focus on their thoughts and emotions.
    • Children who journal grow more comfortable with expressing their ideas and opinions.
    • They grow more comfortable in their own identities.
    • For children who are learning to express themselves, journaling provides a safe environment for exploration.
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