From the pen of TKR Mom


I’m TKR Mom, also known as Weez/Weezie to those dear to me.

I am 43 years old and the mother of daschunds and all our beautiful girls.

I am a Social Worker, although I haven’t been practicing for a few years, I am thoroughly invested in the NPO Sector. I spend a huge fraction of my time co-running a NPO, The Grace Factory.

It has been the joy of my life using my SW skills and knowledge writing our TKR 30 Day Dash Journal.

Why TKR?

I am continually on the lookout for resources that could be beneficial to our daughters. As parents, myself and my husband spend a lot of time talking to our girls about the world with its unique realities. We make great efforts in including them in volunteering, coming up with ideas to help others, we talk about hard, complicated topics and we absolutely love being creative as well.

Through our platform, we will definitely introduce campaigners to injustices and realities of others across the globe too.

I am often unsuccessful in finding a variety of locally created resources for preteens. When I do decide to get something from international shores, I feel conflicted. Firstly, it costs a fortune, I truly love buying and supporting local and the content isn’t always relevant to our particular way of understanding in South Africa. Even within South Africa, there are so many different ways of doing things.
So that is why I am so excited about this product that was conceptualised, produced and grown right here in Mzansi.
I am concerned with the media feeding off the insecurities of our children. Where focus is mostly outward. Disillusioned of the onslaught of makeup tutorials or are your teeth too yellow or how to get a cute butt etc. Pre-teen phase is filled with so many insecurities as it is.
We are trying to reshape and refocus the junk that is sometimes thrown at our girls and boys. I want the content that influences them to be dripped in bone fide substance.
We also have the perpetual online gaming and general online culture. I fear our children might be missing the grandness and skill of living in the moment of what is going on around them in the here-and-now.
We worked very hard on making this a gender-neutral brand as kindness isn’t only reserved for girls. I find general kindness quotes and kindness activities are laced with feminine design and not much for boys.
Through my extensive knowledge and 22 years of work in the NPO sector, volunteering is definitely something that is strongly marketed toward girls/ladies.
It is a researched fact that confidence plummets significantly during the preteen phase, especially in girls. I just wanted to create something small to give our preteens a good resource option. It’s only a 30 day journal, but I wrote it very intentionally with preteens at the core. It might be small but it’s great.
I find the transition from child to preteen a little heart-breaking because preteens search for a more mature self, it’s almost as if childlike should be totally discarded.
They crave for something they have given up to fit it. Their creativity which fostered their confidence starts fading. Where barefoot turns into their feet being cemented into fashion branded items. Maybe it’s just me, the mom, who is struggling to let go.
Lastly, I am concerned for children who are so privileged, having no idea how lucky they are and allowed by their PG’s to exist oblivious in their bubbles. With absolute no regard on how hard it is for the majority of children their age across the world to just exist safely.
Love Weez

May TKR grow us and may we become true revolutionaries for kind.

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